Sharon’s Aroma

One day Elizabeth–a friend of mine asked me to help her prepare an article on bakery business; actually Elizabeth was affiliated with the food and beverage department of a five star hotel. In her free time, she was working as a journalist for a daily newspaper.  I got an appointment with Sharon and on the day of appointment we were at Sharon’s place. The latter entertained us with lots of hand-crafted bakery items.

When Elizabeth asked her to specify the reasons for her success, Sharon counted craze for commerce along with fervor within one’s life as the foremost reason. As stated by Sharon, “The successful bakery owners are zealous about scampering minor trades and making patrons pleased. Not only do they need to be compulsive about the production, but also about other leisure activities in life.”

“Though Fredrik and I make a great attempt to make our customers happy, yet at the same time both of us are always open to ideas offered to us by others and we don’t hesitate to bring about any positive amendment provided it could be easily put into operation.”

“Moreover, I am able to categorize my time and concentrate on the chief main concerns for every day; consequently, I don’t have to make a great effort every day.”

fattening common donutes

When Elizabeth inquired about the significance of creativity in bakery business, Sharon alleged, ‘Well! The capability to rely on your wits is essential. Lauren provides a real life example for us, If something doesn’t proceed as intended, Fredrik and I endeavor to be accommodating and  attempt something out of the ordinary; for instance if something  gets messed up, we will explore  the available items and endeavor to create something innovative yet tasty instead of grumbling or surrendering.”

When Elizabeth requested information regarding the ability to stay on top, Sharon grinned and exclaimed, “I endeavor to keep everything pre arranged and try my best to perform numerous errands all together. Given I am methodical and keep everything systematic and well-timed, as a result  at any time, I can stop for a moment to consider something, make time for my kids, buddies,  and acquaintances in addition to considering the spacious picture of the trade.”

woah who made this? that would be sharon of course

“Now would you spell out any failures you had to encounter during your bakery business?”

This was Elizabeth’s spontaneous query. However, it seemed Sharon was already prepared for it and whispered, “ Of course, Fredrik and I had to experience failure many times; in fact there was a certain point when we had come to crossroads. Anyhow, we thought of breakdown as advice and kept conceptualizing novel prospective and upshots. We paid attention to the way out rather than the troubles and were successful ultimately.”