Sharon’s Aroma

One day Elizabeth–a friend of mine asked me to help her prepare an article on bakery business; actually Elizabeth was affiliated with the food and beverage department of a five star hotel. In her free time, she was working as a journalist for a daily newspaper.  I got an appointment with Sharon and on the day of appointment we were at Sharon’s place. The latter entertained us with lots of hand-crafted bakery items.

When Elizabeth asked her to specify the reasons for her success, Sharon counted craze for commerce along with fervor within one’s life as the foremost reason. As stated by Sharon, “The successful bakery owners are zealous about scampering minor trades and making patrons pleased. Not only do they need to be compulsive about the production, but also about other leisure activities in life.”

“Though Fredrik and I make a great attempt to make our customers happy, yet at the same time both of us are always open to ideas offered to us by others and we don’t hesitate to bring about any positive amendment provided it could be easily put into operation.”

“Moreover, I am able to categorize my time and concentrate on the chief main concerns for every day; consequently, I don’t have to make a great effort every day.”

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Cookies are made of butter and love – Norwegian maxim

Fredrik——the Norwegian hubby of Sharon is a big supporter of the aforesaid saying.

A miscellaneous blend of a sixth sense for cookery skills alongside a novel business wisdom happened to be the finest achievement – leaning qualification for Fredrik’s business philosophy of opening a bakery trade. In spite of this, though it appeared easy, he soon realized that a bakery trade was simply not about tempting whiffs or delicious flavors. It called for a comparable quantity of research and forecast as the other trades. Given, the bakeshop working model is in endless fluctuation, fresh requests from astute and conversant customers had to be taken into account. Furthermore the costs had to be kept strongly under control, at the same time as capturing sufficient earnings in this viable business.

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Quite a few years back, Fredrik individually arranged and organized a home-baking trade. It was performed according to the set of laws and regulations of Norway. Later when he tied the knot with Sharon – an English lady, an immense advocate of the reality, ‘As long as you understand how to bake, life will certainly be delightful.”

To cut the long story short, love was not something that made them come across each other but it was Sharon’s innate passion for cooking that operated as a great enslaver for both of them. She just loved being in the kitchen and crafting novel recipes.

Both Fredrik and Sharon were very well-acquainted with the fact that like every trade, the baking business had to comply with the needs of a particular group of citizens. In view of the fact that they identified what group they will be selling to; as a result they were more easily able to work out recipes. Their commerce had a purpose, and it was supposed to satisfy the requirements and desires of a cluster of folks who were eager to pay money for what they were offering.

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In a nutshell, the whole venture was much less costly than rental, redecorating and upholding a mercantile locality. One of the countless appealing features of operating this trade from home was that they had the time to design / revamp the kitchen area at their own stride without paying supplementary expenses.

Seeing as baking was subject of interest for both of them, they discontinued parking themselves on the nonessentials. Fredrik owes it to Sharon who surveyed all the prospective. She learned not be disheartened by critical comments from others.

Passion and enthusiasm, for your product and the business, can open doors to part-time income. With continued interest and persistence, your part-time endeavor could blossom into a sweet, lucrative, full-time baking business.